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Decentralized, blockchain-based software is rising up to improve traditional financial systems and create new ones

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Our focus

We invest in the entire spectrum of digital assets, with an emphasis on decentralized finance

Our approach

We aim to strike a balance between commitment and agility, backed by a thematic, research-driven approach

The new blockchain economy

From GameFi to MusicFi, the tokenization of value is re-wiring how entire industries exist and operate.

Blockchain is more than an industry – it’s a movement to democratize and de-risk the very foundations of our economy. In adding a dimension of ownership to consumer-facing products and services, Web3 is revolutionizing how we create, exchange and communicate value.

Passive is not an option

Crypto is among the fastest growing and most disruptive asset classes of all time.

However, this emerging space brings tremendous volatility and requires vigilance to manage wisely. That’s why an active approach is required to maximize returns. We deploy a responsive investment strategy built on deep-domain knowledge, value-based fundamentals, and disciplined selection criteria.

DeFi: Disrupting traditional finance

Navigating the future of finance with legacy infrastructure is like bringing a horse and buggy to the F1 race track

While traditional finance has stood still, the next generation of blockchain-based protocols and primitives have re-created lending, trading and insurance solutions on-chain.

By eliminating centralized intermediaries, DeFi delivers a future-ready financial system, optimized for fairness and efficiency.

How we invest

Our investing outlook is long-term. This means we select based on fundamentals, not hype. We seek investments that fulfill most of the following baseline criteria:

Large addressable market

Growing market share

Differentiable offering with competitive advantage

Loyal and engaged community of supporters

Experienced, high-caliber team

Attractive tokenomics

We are domain experts with a focus on decentralized finance, but can also pivot to take advantage of compelling opportunities or react to market changes.

While our primary focus is on value appreciation, we also maximize returns through staking, lending, and yield farming, making full use of the DeFi ecosystem.

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